Boros Kopongukaban (Introduction)

It is with great pleasure that I present to you this page devoted to the language of my native ancestors, the Kadazan Dusun folk of the North Borneo. The Kadazan Dusun languages are such beautiful languages to be left behind… yet, that’s what happened. Many of the new generation nowadays know little about the languages. I hope I can contribute in any way, to place, to grow and to keep the interest of the young generation to learn and understand more of our Kadus Languages. This might be just any page that you can find in the internet, but this is the small thing that I could do to contribute. Let's keep this language live within our souls through music.

Sabah Traditional Recipe: Hinava (Raw Fish Salad)

Hinava is one of the special traditional dish for Kadazan Dusun tribes in Sabah and can be said as the most popular food among the Kadazan-Dusun. It is a dish made ​​from fresh fish meat mixed with seeds of the grated Bambangan seeds, red chillies, ginger, onion, lime cotton and salt. The fish will not be cooked, thus all the raw materials shall be cleaned beforehand. This dish very much resembles Sushi.

There are many different types of fish that can be used, but the fish that are commonly used are the contents of mackerel, and there are also some people who are making use of the shark. Alternatively fill squid or shrimp can also be used for the preparation of this Hinava.

Hivana usually a special meal during Tadau Kaamatan. In addition, it is also a special dish on important occasions such as for wedding, engagement and other.




600g raw tuna or mackerel ( cut into strips)
120 ml lime juice /vinegar
3 to 4 small red shallots, sliced or chopped finely
2 inches young ginger, finely julienned
2 large chilies, cut into fine strips
5 bird’s eye chilies, cut finely (green & red)
1 small bitter gourd (cut into strips &
marinated in salt for few minutes )
Salt & sugar to taste

~ Mix the sliced bitter gourd with salt to reduce its bitterness & rinse with water.
~ Marinate the fish with the lime juice / vinegar for 10 minutes.
~ Mix all ingredients together.
~ Chill in fridge till ready to eat or just left in room temperature, it'll be fine.


Resepi Hinava

600g tuna mentah atau tenggiri (dihiris)
120 ml jus limau / cuka
3-4 bawang merah kecil, dihiris atau dicincang halus
2 inci halia muda, dihiris halus
2 cili besar, dipotong menjadi jalur halus
Cili mata 5 burung, potong halus (hijau & merah)
1 peria kecil (dipotong menjadi jalur &
diperap garam selama beberapa minit)
Garam & gula secukup rasa

~ Campurkan peria yang dihiris dengan sedikit garam untuk mengurangkan kepahitan & bilas dengan air.
~ Perap ikan dengan jus limau / cuka selama 10 minit.
~ Campurkan semua bahan bersama-sama.
~ Simpan di dalam peti sejuk atau biarkan di dalam suhu bilik sebelum dihidang.


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