Boros Kopongukaban (Introduction)

It is with great pleasure that I present to you this page devoted to the language of my native ancestors, the Kadazan Dusun folk of the North Borneo. The Kadazan Dusun languages are such beautiful languages to be left behind… yet, that’s what happened. Many of the new generation nowadays know little about the languages. I hope I can contribute in any way, to place, to grow and to keep the interest of the young generation to learn and understand more of our Kadus Languages. This might be just any page that you can find in the internet, but this is the small thing that I could do to contribute. Let's keep this language live within our souls through music.

Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting A Buddhist Temple

  • Bow your head and pay respect to the temple and the Buddha statues.
  • Take off your shoes in or around the temple grounds.  Make this an easier process for yourself by wearing slip-on shoes.   If you are wearing tennis shoes and complaining about having to take off your shoes often- well whose fault is that really, eh?
  • Do not point at Buddha statues, Monks, Nuns and/or elders with your feet (well anything for that matter).  You will go to hell.  Okay, maybe not right away, but you get my point.
  • Cover yourself ladies.  We don’t need to see your boobs and your legs hanging out all over on the temple grounds where there are honorable Monks, Nuns and elders.  A t-shirt with sleeves could easily fix this problem.  Stop whining and do it.  It is the right thing to do or don’t go to a temple.
  • Always bring a wrap or a large scarf to cover yourself.  But, please, do use it and COVER yourself.
  • Do not wear shorts. You should be covered down at least below your knees.
  • Keep your head below Buddha statues, images, honorable Monks and Nuns.
  • Do not touch  (especially on the head) Buddha statues, images, Monks, Nuns and elders.
  • Please refrain from public displays of affection.  You may be on your honeymoon and cannot keep your hands off of one another, but not all of us need to see your hands all over each other.  You are not at the park, you are at a temple so pull your selves together and show some respect.
  • Keep Quiet. There are those meditating or praying somewhere even though you may not see them.
  • It may be very  fascinating to foreigners to see a reclining Buddha.  However, do not get too close to a Buddha statue when taking a picture.  When possible kneel on the ground so that you head is below the statue.
  • Parents:  It is your responsibility as a parent to talk to your child (ren) about the rules before arriving to any temple, not at the time of arrival when it is too late and they are already 3/4 way up the Buddha statue.  Consider this a teaching moment about the culture of the country you are visiting.
Credit to Avril

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