Boros Kopongukaban (Introduction)

It is with great pleasure that I present to you this page devoted to the language of my native ancestors, the Kadazan Dusun folk of the North Borneo. The Kadazan Dusun languages are such beautiful languages to be left behind… yet, that’s what happened. Many of the new generation nowadays know little about the languages. I hope I can contribute in any way, to place, to grow and to keep the interest of the young generation to learn and understand more of our Kadus Languages. This might be just any page that you can find in the internet, but this is the small thing that I could do to contribute. Let's keep this language live within our souls through music.

An oyster that was not wound does not produce pearls

Pearls are products of pain; results entrance of a foreign substance or undesirable within the oyster, parasite or as a grain of sand. Inside the shell is found a substance called nacre glossy. When a grain of sand penetrates, ace nacre cells begin to work and cover the grain of sand with layers and layers to protect the helpless body of the oyster. 

As a result, a beautiful pearl vai forming. 

An oyster which was not injured in any way produces beads, 
one bead is because the healed wound.

The same can happen to us. 
If you ever felt hurt by harsh words from someone? 
It has been accused of having said things that did not I?
 His ideas have been rejected or misunderstood? 
Have you suffered the blow of prejudice? 
Already received the change of indifference?

Then produce a pearl!

Cover your sorrows with several layers of LOVE.

Unfortunately, there are few people who are interested in this type of movement. 
Most just learn to cultivate resentments, hurts, 
leaving open wounds and feeding them 
with various types of feeling small 
and therefore not allowing heal.

So in practice, 
what we see are many "Oysters Empty", 
not because they have been injured, 
but because they could not forgive, 
understand and transform pain into love. 

A smile, a glance, a gesture, in most cases, is worth a thousand words!

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