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It is with great pleasure that I present to you this page devoted to the language of my native ancestors, the Kadazan Dusun folk of the North Borneo. The Kadazan Dusun languages are such beautiful languages to be left behind… yet, that’s what happened. Many of the new generation nowadays know little about the languages. I hope I can contribute in any way, to place, to grow and to keep the interest of the young generation to learn and understand more of our Kadus Languages. This might be just any page that you can find in the internet, but this is the small thing that I could do to contribute. Let's keep this language live within our souls through music.

Rohani/Worship song: Hino mantad-i Kinorohingan (Immortal, Invisible,God Only Wise)

Rohani/Worship song: Hino mantad-i Kinorohingan (Immortal, Invisible,God Only Wise)

Hino mantad-i Kinorohingan tokou
I poingiyon id tanawaud tadala’an
Om kuasa’an ngawi Diau o nunu nopo,
Om gowoi po om royohon tokou Iyau

Dot Iyau no momogompid ko’insanaid
Tadau om wulan om ilo rombituon
Om pomogunan om rahat om ko’insanai
Om gowoi po om royohon tokou Iyau

Tuhan no koposyion dot otopot
Om mimpasid di Iyau do nunu nopo
Nga ongobiruyou-id miagal do wusak
Nga Tuhan nopo om ingga kosimbanon

Om innokoumbal o Tuhan do tiodop
Om okito-i ngawi diayau o tulun
Om otorodok-i o Tuhan do momutus
Om gowoi po om royohon tokou Iyau

Tama Iyau kagayaa’an om tanawau
Om koinsanaid moloikat do rumayou
Om mulong pod tulun tomod tokou itokou
Nga milo tokou-id mamarayou Diyau


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